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Live More, Do More, Be More.

Live your 24 hours as if you have 25 to spare

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Enjoy every facet of life with a single app

25Hours powers your ultimate lifestyle from your pocket. With just a single app, we offer innovative community building, products and services that go above and beyond. Unlike traditional passive membership programmes, we don’t just wait for you to tell us what you want. We venture for greater things, serving as the gateway to experiences you never knew you loved. Our key goal is for you to have a booking experience that is as delightful as the experience booked.

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It's About Time.

At 25Hours, we seek to make your time worthwhile. we aim to become your essential “life partner” app.

Think of us as your all-access pass to private lifestyle services, personalised recommendations, and an ever-growing catalogue of privileges from luxury brand partners. All these and more, are powered by an all-in-one mobile app that delivers ultimate convenience from your pocket.
With our time-saving solutions, we take the guesswork out of your daily lifestyle planning so you can spend more time doing the things you like, with the people you love. 

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Creating a 25th hour for you

Our higher purpose is to create products and services that allow busy individuals to live more, do more and be more - with the people and things that truly matter. While we can’t give your life more time, we can give the time you have more life.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the traditional four walls, 25Hours is the digital complement to your existing physical club memberships.


Time: One of the
most sought after.

25Hours is an invite-only club membership for the accomplished person who desires more. Because of privileges, not everyone truly has the same amount of time in a day. You can earn more money, but you can’t earn more time. 

25Hours combines the power of artificial intelligence and the warmth of human experts with ultimate convenience to enable our members to live extraordinary lives. We nurture and build a close-knit relationship with you by tailoring recommendations to your preferences and lifestyle.

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