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Honouring the Important Paternal Figures in Our Lives

A father is someone who we can look up to no matter how tall, or how much, we grow. To show our appreciation for our everyday hero, explore exclusive deals and gift ideas from our participating partners.

1. Xtal

Brighten up smiles and create precious moments as you cherish time spent with fathers, grandfathers and husbands. Welcome them home with hand-cut and polished crystalline wireless table lamps by Xtal. Creating ethereal tapestries of light when you turn them on, the lamps refract light in magical ways.

2. MHD Belvedere

After a long day’s work, there’s no better way to destress than with a glass of glistening white liquor. While no alcohol can be termed ‘healthy’ in the true sense, we’ve all heard that vodka is one’s go-to drink if you’re looking out for your health. Even more so with Belvedere bringing a sugar-free vodka to the table.

3. Keepr's

Keepr’s is all about protecting the bees and ensuring that beekeeping in the UK remains a viable proposition. With each batch, you can trace which hive, and even which queen bee, the spirit came from. All honey is tested for provenience and assurance of no foreign impurities.

4. The Straits Teppanyaki

Paying homage to Singapore’s diverse and heterogenous upbringing, The Straits Teppanyaki takes inspiration from local diverse cultures and influences and in turn, creating an exciting take to the traditional teppanyaki dish.

5. 75CL 

From the fine wines of French chateaus to the exotic wines of Brazil, 75CL carries a wide selection of special boutique wines, spoiling you for choices. This will be the perfect gift for the special father figure in your life.

6. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Running from 21 November to 18 December 2022, get a chance to see the best football players all on the same field at Lusail Stadium, Qatar as they battle it out to clinch the world title.

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POSTED ON 6 June 2022

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