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I Need Help: A Business Revival

Starting a business is easy but staying afloat is key. Taking the competitive market into consideration, it is more crucial than ever to stay one step ahead.

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Increasing customer loyalty means you’re increasing your customer retention, which will in turn see an increase in sales for you. By showing them your appreciation and treating them like true VIPs, your customers will keep coming back. 

You must be thinking, so how do I grow my business by keeping my customers happy?

According to HubSpot, offering a strong onboarding experience, a personalised customer experience and unique services for your customers are good options a business should explore to retain them. Customers yearn for a personable and human touch and to enjoy experiences that are tailored to their needs and wants. With 25Hours’ corporate programme, you will be able to offer a truly personal experience for your customers. 

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Introducing 25Hours
25Hours is digital lifestyle programme that empowers individuals who value time to live a more proactive and fulfilling life. The new concept club inspires its members to live differently, through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges.


We offer corporate companies the opportunity to strengthen their business through our unique programme offerings. A privately held corporation with several stakeholders across Japan and Singapore, 25Hours boasts over 25,000 members and operates on a neutral basis without excessive influence from external brands or partners. 

25Hours elevates and complements your existing corporate programme for your customers, bringing your customers’ satisfaction with your business to a higher level. With our meticulously curated list of dining spots, masterclasses, end-to-end travel itineraries and exclusive Japanese products, we empower your customers to efficiently find a personalised stream of experiences that they enjoy. 

We leverage on technological and human expertise to deliver convenience on a new level. Our digital platform creates a personalised stream of experiences and services across multiple lifestyle categories based on the members’ preferences, which saves them time and effort.

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Our team of experts curate, test and verify every product and experience before they reach each member, ensuring absolute peace of mind for your busy clients. 

By offering exposure to 25Hours’ events and networking opportunities, we become a second platform for your clients to engage in a community with other like-minded individuals. This new sense of belonging translates to customer satisfaction, giving your business a stronger customer base. 

Grow your business with 25Hours. Let us help you bring your business to the next level. 

Get in touch with our consultants today. 


25Hours’ Singapore office is helmed by an effective executive board comprising Yoshihito Ota, Executive Officer of the Global Team; Kevin Ou, Executive Officer of the Singapore Team, a prolific entrepreneur and celebrity consultant and Irene Lau, Group Director, a retail and leadership management expert; a former Centurion Relation Manager with American Express. 


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