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Entering Second Half of 2022 With Our New Partners

With half of 2022 behind us already, are you starting to run out of ideas of where and what activities to do on date nights? This month, we’ve got a new list of dining partners that you can explore for a birthday celebration or date night, as well as stunning floral gift options for your loved one.

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1. Dazzling Delish 


Be transported to Japan at this Japanese-inspired cafe with its sandos (read: Japanese sandwiches) that are made with the freshest seasonal fruits flown in from Japan paired with Japanese milk bread. Enjoy a cuppa with them at this cosy home-like space, tucked away from the business crowd.

2. Maison Shūko

A progressive Japanese-French omakase restaurant that focuses on connections between chefs and their creations, as well as between ingredients and their producers. This minimalist eight-seater space allows a personal and intimate six-hands dining experience, also creating another connection between diners and chefs.

3. Origin Grill

Offering authentic flavours with the freshest ingredients, this Tatler’s “Singapore’s Best Restaurants” multi-year award winner is heavily inspired by Singapore’s illustrious history of bountiful trade, colonial charm and tropical splendour. Don’t forget to check out their extensive wine list of over 45 varietals.

4. Beato

Beato Fiore is a bespoke floriculture studio that prides itself on being the voice for unspoken emotions, thoughts and desires through its unique floral gifts. From creativity to reality, they offer a complete service with timeless service and a quality guarantee.

Come find out more today. 

It's about Time. 

For Partnership & Membership enquiries, please contact
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Tel: 65357704


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POSTED ON 8 July 2022

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