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Exciting Partners and Experiences Awaits You

April showers bring May flowers. After 2 years, restrictions have eased, bringing us closer to the normality before 2020 happened. With new restaurant partners and plenty of unique experiences in tow, what better way to celebrate this joyous news than to gather your family and friends to enjoy them with? Let’s find out more.

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The restaurant is a true representation of Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko himself, who fuses his Japanese roots with the art of French cooking. This fine dining destination prides itself in ensuring its guests experience an enjoyable gastronomic experience that starts and ends the moment you walk through the door. 

2. LeVeL33

Feel on top of the world at LeVeL3 at, you guessed it, Level 33 of Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1. Soak in the panoramic view of the city whilst enjoying their in-house brewery and its very own “Contembrewery” cuisine that sees a unique blend of its brewery in the dishes.

3. Grissini Epicure Italian Cuisine

This Omakase Restaurant in Singapore serves its creations with the freshest ingredients sourced from Italy and Japan bringing out the best flavours in its creations. Host an intimate session in its exclusive Bellissima Private Room and experience Itameshi like never before.

4. Chef Naughty Rabbit

Have the chance to enjoy a home private dining experience with Chef Naughty Rabbit a.k.a. Chef Nabeel, well known for his myriad of working experience. Need halal-friendly choices instead? His usage of premium ingredients ensures quality and taste are not compromised. The best part? Your kitchen will be as clean as it was prepped for the chef, without needing to do any dishes. 

5. Cannes Film Festival

It’s time to dress to impress. Get exclusive access and seats to the annual film festival held in Cannes in France, that showcases new films of all genres. Have the chance to walk down the red carpet and find out first hand at this invitation-only event who will be the winner of the coveted Palme d'Or ("Golden Palm") for the best film.


6. Canali Made to Measure

Get yourself a bespoke fit that will make you look fine. With Canali’s new Spring Summer fabric collection, get a personalised consultation, virtually or physically, and create a new look that reflects your one-of-a-kind personality, making heads turn as you walk. 

7. Supercar Driving

Get behind the wheels and experience a once-in-a-lifetime ice driving adventure in a Nordic Country before taking on a frozen lake deep in the Arctic Circle. You will even have an opportunity to drive a variety of high-performance cars on full-scale F1 circuit look-alikes.  If that’s not enough, make your trip even sweeter by marvelling at the northern lights.

8. Uncommon Pet Furniture

Calling all paw-rents. With the Uncommon Workshop, learn the fundamentals of design before getting a chance to be Bob-the-Builder and create unique furniture for your furry child. With the help of a computer aided (CNC) machine and old school carpentry, see your design come to life with this meaningful gift. Suitable for adults, kids and even families.

Come find out more today. 

It's about Time. 


For Partnership & Membership enquiries, please contact
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About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the
traditional four walls, 25Hours is the digital complement to your existing physical club memberships. Our private lifestyle programme empowers members to NETWORK, GROW, PLAY and MAKE AN IMPACT.

25Hours is globally connected and locally rooted. With offices in Japan and Singapore, we bring you worldwide access to premium suppliers and brand partners. Budget deals are not the focus here; think exclusive access and offers on some of life’s most luxurious and exclusive experiences. While we can’t give your life more time, we can give the time you have more life.

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