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Partner's Review: BAM!

Nestled along Tras Street is BAM!, a restaurant featured in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore. They are Singapore’s first gastro establishment to pay tribute to “Modern Shudo” – the contemporary way of sake enjoyment. The restaurant serves both omakase style dining and a tapas menu with an extensive selection of both sake and wine kept in a floor-to-ceiling cellar situated right at the entrance.

To ensure that every experience is worth your time, we got our Insider, Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, and his wife to test and verify the curated menu. Matthew is a Managing Director at SPUN Spirits and a certified spirits expert.

A total of three courses were served. Japanese corn soup, blow torched eel topped with caviar, croutons and handmade popcorn drizzled with olive oil and chilli powder; sauteed seasonal white asparagus wrapped with ciabatta bread served with uni and yuzu sabayon; lastly, seared Carabinero prawn with coco beans and spinach with a dash of black pepper sauce.



Matthew's favourite:
"The asparagus had a lovely meaty note with a generous serving of uni." 

Elaine's favourite:
"Uni adds the umami flavour to the asparagus and I personally like the Carabinero prawn." 

“Our experience was fantastic; food was great and the service was impeccable. Really nice place to have lunch together.”


1. Introduce yourself

Chef Shang Jhi: I am Shang Jhi, this is my second year with BAM! I was from La Dame de Pic, Raffles Hotel Singapore and Les Amis previously. 

2. How long have you been a chef?

Chef Shang Jhi: I have over ten years of culinary experience from Macau, New Zealand and Singapore. 

3. What is the signature dish at BAM! 

Chef Shang Jhi: It's the cold Capellini with Sakura Ebi & Kizami Nori with hazelnut dressing. 

4. What do you enjoy as a chef at BAM! 

Chef Shang Jhi: Creating seasonal menus so that our returning customers can enjoy something different on their next visit. 

5. What would you do if you had an extra hour a day?

Chef Shang Jhi: Go fishing to wind down after a week of hard work. 

With Chef Shang Jhi taking the reins at BAM! as Chef de Cuisine, diners can expect to taste refined and well-balanced culinary creations, experience new sensory episodes, and perhaps get to enjoy occasional meunière-ed dishes.

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