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A Community Within a Community

Here at 25Hours, we pride ourselves in having an inclusive community, with multiple communities having found comfort in joining our big family. Built around collective values, shared practices and thoughtful live events, our private lifestyle programme empowers members to network, grow, play and make an impact. A community within a community. That’s exactly what Supercars of Singapore (SOS) did.


SOS had the opportunity to be a 25Hours member and have been an outstanding member to us with their inclusion of its community. An appreciation evening was held for the members; a 5-hour yacht experience with sumptuous barbeque being served at the live grilling station on board. The yacht set sail and anchored near the shores of Lazarus Island, where SOS members engaged in water activities such as rowing and swimming, spending an enjoyable time unwinding and enjoying the company. Members also had the luxury of experiencing a different night view of the city’s skyline from the yacht before setting sail to head back to shore.

Group 1742.png

25Hours also organised a Pukara Estate Masterclass by Limwood Gourmet, where a sizable group of 10 SOS members had the opportunity to attend the event, learning recipes and tips from the Chef and Limwood Gourmet. Through the masterclass experience, members were able to taste the created dishes and learn tips and tricks to recreate them for their loved ones. Interested parties were able to purchase the items directly from our eStore.

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To strengthen their membership, 25Hours kickstarted a quarterly events series, where events were curated exclusively for SOS. The first event of this series hosted was a luncheon at Tangerine. SOS members had the luxury of having the restaurant to themselves during the luncheon, with the establishment closed to public during that afternoon. The restaurant also hosted a mini herb garden tour where the members got to learn and understand more about the herbs grown on Tangerine’s grounds. 

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The most recent event hosted was an exclusive amazing race titled “Race Against Time”. The SOS members got to drive their supercars around the island to find their clues while also being educated what 25Hours is all about. Through this race, the members had a better understanding of how 25Hours could value-add in their lives through the exclusive privileges, unique experiences and insightful private events provided. 

Group 1792.png

Through these events and experiences, SOS members were able to fully immerse themselves as a 25Hours member to live more, do more and be more with us. 

Heartfelt thanks to SOS for being a part of the family. We look forward to serving you more, helping you to make the most of the time in your life. 

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It's about Time.

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About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the
traditional four walls, 25Hours is the digital complement to your existing physical club memberships. Our private lifestyle programme empowers members to NETWORK, GROW, PLAY and MAKE AN IMPACT.

25Hours is an invitation-only lifestyle programme that allows individuals who value time to live more, do more and be more. We strive to provide extraordinary experiences for members who seek the essence of elegance in life — from gastronomic satisfaction, pampering of the mind & body, retail indulgence, to the intimate moments of cultural discovery.


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