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Unveiling 25Hours: The Newest Digital Club in Town

 26 March 2022 marked an important milestone for 25Hours. After months of hard work and late nights, 25Hours was officially launched. To celebrate the launch, we hosted 2 launch events: a casual and relaxed setting for our partners and media at UNA at Alkaff Mansion and a lavish dinner for our VVIPs at St Regis’ Caroline’s Mansion.

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 11am UNA at Alkaff Mansion

Our guests were welcomed into the iconic black and white interior of Alkaff Mansion, nestled in the quietness of Telok Blangah Hill Park. They were led to the second level to UNA, where the event was held. 

Guests were welcomed by our team of hosts and greeted with a short introduction of the specially curated 25Hours cocktail at the designated tasting bar, where they got to take a shot to taste the base note in all its glory. 

While guests started filling up the seats, they were greeted with conversation starters hidden in the underside of the napkin holders. Each question got them reflecting on how they would spend their time better if they had more of it. 

The launch kickstarted with a presentation from our Group Director and Sales Director, where they revealed what 25Hours is and what it entails for its members. While delectable dishes were served throughout the course of lunch, the guests got to have a hand in choosing their main course, which was named the Chef’s Challenge via a voting system. Without knowing what the guests were going to pick, the chef and his team had to wait for the poll results to be out to find out what they would be cooking. 

Before closing the event, each guest was served 2 different Musk Melons on the plate; one having a silver toothpick on it and the other, none. Guests got to taste the multiple layers of what a Japanese Musk Melon tastes like and why many seek to have them.


6pm Caroline's Mansion at St Regis

After a successful luncheon, the 25Hours team was fired up and ready for the VVIPs to have a small firsthand taste of 25Hours as well. Held at St Regis’ Caroline’s Mansion, the dinner saw 40-odd well-dressed guests walked through the door, ready for the reveal of the private digital club. 

Just like the day’s event, guests were guided to their tables and were greeted with a lovely table setting with a conversation starter that relates back to the essence of 25Hours. As the event started, our Group Director and Sales Director helped them understood the privileges that are packaged in the 25Hours membership as well as the brand’s DNA and beginnings. 

A resident mixologist of St Regis’ Astor Bar made an appearance, where she explained how she created the evening’s 25Hours special. With her trusty bar cart, she captivated the audience with her mixture, and gave each of them their very own 25Hours cocktail to drink. 

The 5-course dinner saw the guests satisfied with the meal, in which they had a hand in choosing their second course meal through the Chef’s Challenge as well. The guests were elated to see the dish that they picked to be the winning dish which would be served. 

As the night deepened, guests were served the 2 different Musk Melons on the plate, with only one having a silver indicator. They were surprised to know that the difference is relatively stark. The richness of the Japanese Musk Melon left them wanting for more.

Many similar experiences across both events were infused into the programme flow, with the intention of allowing the guest sto understand what it will be like to be a 25Hours member with the constant opportunity of having those experiences available for them.


With the Chef’s Challenge, guests were exposed to a unique dining experience, an exclusive privilege that our members will be entitled to enjoy with selected partners. 

25Hours Exclusive: Unique Dining Experiences with Dining Partners.


What better way to understand the curation of the 25Hours cocktail than from the creators themselves? The resident mixologists at both venues had a platform to share what went behind the curation of the 25Hour cocktail and how they each came to creating this special drink just for the event.


By creating this segment within the programme, attendees had a short yet delightful experience of how our Masterclasses events are done; with the help of experts in the various fields, attendees will be able to learn something new as well as to have a hand in trying a creation when possible.

25Hours Exclusive: By-invite only Masterclasses available with industry experts.


The tasting of the musk melons saw guests tasting the difference between a regular store-bought melon and a Japanese Musk Melon that was specially brought in from the land of the rising sun. This was an introduction to our very own eStore that houses various freshly flown in Japanese produce along with other goods. 

25Hours Exclusive: Members-only eStore where Japan’s freshest produce can be purchased. 

With these interactive components fitted seamlessly into the event, guests got to have a taste of what 25Hours could offer them. 

We would like to thank all our invited guests for being part of such a momentous occasion and for helping us to make it a successful launch of 25Hours. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did and we look forward to serving you as a 25Hours member soon. 

Come find out more today. 


It's about Time. 


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About 25Hours

25Hours is an invitation-only lifestyle programme that allows individuals who value time to live more, do more and be more. We strive to provide extraordinary experiences for members who seek the essence of elegance in life — from gastronomic satisfaction, pampering of the mind & body, retail indulgence, to the intimate moments of cultural discovery.

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