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A Journey of Herbs & Senses with Chef Shen

Food is so much more than simply orchestrating a few ingredients together to make something that looks appealing and tastes exceptional. It’s an entire sensory experience, a multi-modal perception, including taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. There is a huge debate about what our tongues can actually sense. We all know about the old saying of a ‘tongue map’ but it’s really the other four senses that put in the work.


Enlightening taste buds with a 6-course meal and wine pairing in this three-days Chef’s Table Series, our members got to explore their five senses with us in this herbs garden tour guided by the famed under-5-mins-meal Chef Shen Tan. Our members got to learn about the various fun facts of the herbs used in the featured dishes for the event and their origins.

| Bacon Peanut and Garlic Min Jiang Kueh

Crispy bacon, freshly grated coconut, peanuts and crispy garlic bits in freshly made pancakes, Crispy fried hot pork, Marinated spicy pork belly, Deep fried and served with coleslaw.

| Luxe Hae Mee Tng with Pukara Estate Cashew and Roast Onion Dukka

Rich crustacean broth made with pork bones, carrots, shallots, crab, prawns and clams served with crustacean infused lard prawns, crispy shallots and lardons handmade oyster pasta

| Green Pepper Curry Clams with Nasi Lemak

Mild lemak curry cooked with local clams and kampot green peppercorns served with twice steamed nasi lemak and sambal belachan.

| Rendang Dry Rub Wagyu Short Ribs

Slow cooked wagyu short ribs with a dry rub of the inimitable flavours of rendang, finished on a charcoal grill.

| Dessert: BBQ Bananas

Grilled bananas with Pukara Estate Chili Smoked Salt, Gula Melaka ice cream, Gula Melaka Butterscotch, torched Coconut Meringue, lard butter tart.

Educating our members with interactive quizzes as they take home new experiences and knowledge to further enhance their meal, while enjoying a uniquely customised 25Hours dish, the Singapore Lohei consisting of Scallops, Amaebi, Octopus in Thai Basil Laksa Leaf Pesto, Pukara Estate White Wine Liqueur Vinegar as one of the courses for the evening, paired with curated wines from our eStore.

It's about Time.

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About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

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