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How Does A Business Retain Its Clients? Let 25Hours Help

An exclusive invitation-only lifestyle programme, 25Hours’ mantra is to help members live more, do more and be more. This applies not only to individuals, but also to your business and clients. After all, nothing spells trust more than empowering your clients.


Establishing rapport between the two parties goes far beyond paper contracts; by continually fostering engagement with your clients, 25Hours dangles the promise of a more holistic and fulfilling life. In turn, this will inevitably create a firm foundation of trust, resulting in a long-term partnership.


This boils down to a simple three-tier model, where businesses can engage, retain and reward high-value clients.



The day-to-day routine is never boring with 25Hours. Your clients, as members, are able to gain access to specially curated experiences, such as attending a candle and room spray making workshop, or swimming with wild dolphins overseas.

Craving a meal at an impossible-to-book restaurant? Let 25Hours work its magic by allowing your clients to skip the line and score reservations at such restaurants. That’s not all: they’ll even receive various perks and benefits when they visit 25Hours’ wine and dine partners, such an exclusive sake pairing at Fleurette.

Your clients will also have the opportunity to bag produce from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market when they shop at the members-only eStore. Monthly complimentary events conducted by subject area experts also help to foster a tight-knit community, giving members unique networking opportunities to grow and learn alongside their peers.

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25Hours recognises that each individual has his/her own preferences — just like how each client should be treated differently. Form a long-standing relationship with your client by recognising that each of them are special in their own way. 

To help with this, 25Hours acknowledges that curation and differentiation are key. Each 25Hours member is able to customise the membership to suit his/her needs. Members start by specifying their interests and preferences via a mobile app, which are then used to tailor specific experiences, products and services.


Bestow the gift of convenience upon your clients, where they’ll be paired with a relationship manager, who is on hand to help with anything the member might need. The process is seamless with convenience at your clients’ fingertips, drawing a human connection that puts them before anything else.

Indeed, unlike traditional credit card programs that place a heavy emphasis on discounts. 25Hours focuses on Quality Experiences and Peace of Mind. Each product is actively tested and verified by a team of experts, to ensure that it is worth your — and your clients’ — precious time. We spend the time, so you don’t have to.

What have you done with the time in your life? Or, more importantly, what will you do with the time in your life? Live extraordinarily and make every moment count — with the help of 25Hours.

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Find out more about what 25Hours can offer you with our consultants.

It's about Time. 

For Partnership & Membership enquiries, please contact
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Tel: 65357704


About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the
traditional four walls, 25Hours is the digital complement to your existing physical club memberships. Our private lifestyle programme empowers members to NETWORK, GROW, PLAY and MAKE AN IMPACT.


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