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Partner's Review: Teppan Works

Experience the intricate culinary traditions of Japanese teppanyaki dining along the streets of Tanjong Pagar with our new wine & dine partner, Teppan Works

With its name derived from the Japanese word “iron plate”, you can expect piping hot omakase courses from this cosy restaurant. The menu features a premium selection of the freshest Japanese ingredients with a focus on their tantalising beef.

Immerse in the authentic teppanyaki experience as Chef Keita from Japan performs and prepares your meal on the large teppan grill right before your eyes. Witness the symphony of fire play as he grills your meal to perfection.

Teppanworks 2.jpg

To ensure that we only bring in the best, we invited our long-term members to try out the special 25Hours curated menu.


They were served the Japanese Wagyu Beef Omakase menu, which includes Tompei Yaki, A4 Wagyu Sirloin, Fuwa Fuwa Sesame Tofu, and Osaka Style Pork Okonomiyaki. They also enjoyed a complimentary glass of sake along with their table reservation ─ a 25Hours membership benefit.

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“The Chef was very meticulous with the presentation of the dishes and that made the whole dining experience more pleasant.”

- Raj Dinakaran

“The wagyu melted in my mouth ─ SO GOOD! Experimented with all the different toppings and seasonings with the wagyu to fine-tune my perfect taste.”

- Kristen Singh

Awed by the wagyu beef, Mr. Dinakaran and Ms. Singh both enjoyed the okonomiyaki as well. The savoury Japanese pancake was drizzled with mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce, topped with bonito flakes and finely chopped seaweed. “The dish was a show-stopper,” remarked Ms Singh.

Teppanworks 4.jpg

We sat down with the chef & co-founder and got him to share with us his culinary journey.

What was your inspiration behind Teppan Works?

Chef Keita: I wanted to apply the prior experience I had and open my own restaurant, hence Teppan Works was created.

Where do you get your ideas to create the dishes on the menu?

Chef Keita: My customers. They are my inspiration for creating new dishes so that I can make them revisit the restaurant.

What was the most memorable encounter you had at Teppan Works as a chef?

Chef Keita: It was when a customer, whom I met six years ago from my previous restaurant, came to dine in.

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