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Get your hands on premium items at a price reduction for a limited-time only. Access to livestreams that showcases attractive deals. Treat yourself to sumptuous delights and remarkable products. Because anything less would be a compromise.

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Livestream Sales

Engage in private sales with luxury brands and gain access to special deals that will be unlocked during live video streams. Presented by well-curated partners, shop these exclusive items all while having fun. 



Shop in the comfort of your own home. With Zero Markup for all online merchandise, you can enjoy the best prices from our thoughtfully curated partners. With a minimum spend, free delivery right to your doorstep.  

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Time Sales

Fastest fingers first. Enjoy a thrilling shopping experience and catch limited-time price reductions for selected items. From luxury items to exquisite Japanese goods, look out for them at exceptional prices. Hurry — the clock’s ticking.

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