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We teamed up with experts in the industry who are using their TIME to make a difference. From spirit expert, life coach, fitness celebrity and a corporate lawyer, they are here to test and curate the programme before it reaches you.

Jade Kua

I started exploring ways to help people experience positive change and transform their lives without the use of any form of medicinal treatment at all. And that’s when I discovered coaching. 

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Dr Jade Kua

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An emergency department specialist, life coach and entrepreneur. Her wellness business is built on practical mindfulness by integrating them into your everyday things like children’s books and journals.

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"This was a lovely experience to have either individually or with a friend. The studio was well lit & pleasant to work in, the instructor was kind & encouraging and there was enough time to complete the project. I enjoyed the process of making my sake set (a bottle & 2 cups) right down to the last section where we labelled our items and picked the glaze."- Dr Jade Kua

Join us as a 25Hours member to enjoy these recommendations.

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Jade Life and Wellness

Besides a healthcare professional, Dr Jade Kua is also a certified life coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation to empower people and work with them to accomplish their goals.

Experience Dr Jade’s Coaching:
  · Journey 01: High Performance Coaching
  · Journey 02: Leadership Coaching
  · Journey 03: Mindful Parenting
  · Journey 04: Inner Work

Our team of experts actively curates, tests and verifies each and every experience to ensure they are worth your precious time.

We bring in experts to efficiently find a personalized stream of experiences.

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We aim to foster a close-knit community of like-minded individuals that’s locally rooted and globally connected.

These Insiders will curate, test and verify products and experiences before it reaches you.

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