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We teamed up with experts in the industry who are using their TIME to make a difference. From spirit expert, life coach, fitness celebrity and a corporate lawyer, they are here to test and curate the programme before it reaches you.

Tan Min Li

There is a sense of community that comes from being in the company of like-minded souls, which I love.

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Min Li

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Lawyer by profession, lifestyle curator by passion. If you ever need a recommendation for the hottest restaurants or the latest handbag, Min Li Tan is your go-to person.

Try Out Min Li's Recommendations

Tan Min Li


TXA Gastrobar

TXA Gastrobar is the perfect buzzy hangout spot for a delicious, casual Spanish dinner and evening drinks under the night sky.

Join us as a 25Hours member to enjoy these recommendations.

Tan Min Li

Corporate Lawyer

Min-Li’s principal areas of expertise are in corporate and financial services with particular emphasis on corporate finance, securities and capital markets and mergers and acquisitions throughout Asia. 

Our team of experts actively curates, tests and verifies each and every experience to ensure they are worth your precious time.

We bring in experts to efficiently find a personalized stream of experiences.

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We aim to foster a close-knit community of like-minded individuals that’s locally rooted and globally connected.

These Insiders will curate, test and verify products and experiences before it reaches you.

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