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Inaugural Invite-only Robb Report Golf Masters 2022 Event

Networking on another level ─

The invite-only event was held on 20 July 2022 at the Laguna National Golf Resort Club with over a hundred golfers from different walks of life, which included business owners, CEOs and top-level executives.

8 OCT 2022

October Partners_Listing.png


A Fun-filled October With Our New Partners

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, 25Hours is here to ensure that we still provide you offerings that will save you precious time. Take your pick from a range of unique experiences for the creative or the adventurous, including short getaways locally and abroad. 

Media Articles

Together with our partners that we have on board and our community we have, find out more on how we NETWORK, GROW, PLAY, and MAKE AN IMPACT through various events, experiences and partnerships.  

10 FEB 2023



February Perks: Unlock Exclusive Benefits & Rewards

This February, join us for a celebration of love. Feast your eyes (and stomachs) on an elegant line-up of restaurants, take part in a bevy of bonding experiences and set your sights on exciting overseas adventures. That’s not all: we’ll even throw in some of our favourite eStore picks to sweeten the deal.

19 DEC 2022



Say Hello to Luxury Stays and Curated Experiences

Where you stay on holiday is very much part of the experience — pamper yourself, you deserve it. Take your pick from this curated list of luxury accommodations, complete with daily breakfast and degustation tasting menus.

9 DEC 2022



New Partners to Round-up 2022

Celebrate the end of the year with a bang! Check out some of our new partners that have come on board.

5 DEC 2022



Sake Star series: The Art of Savouring

Oh, for goodness sake! On 8th, 9th and 10th November, we gathered our members for ‘Sake Star series: The Art of Savouring’,

an intimate event that’s part of our Masterclass series.

1 DEC 2022



Tis’ The Season of Giving, 
Yourself Included!

Check out our eStore this Christmas to find a gift this season. From stunning baccarat glasses to champagnes, 
you’ll be able to find a special present to gift to your family and friends.  

30 NOV 2022



Christmas Shepherd’s Pie

Christmas is just a little more than a month away — and it’s about time to start planning all your festive gatherings and parties. If you’re looking to wow your guests, why not try this delicious Christmas Shepherd’s Pie recipe? Hearty, comforting and easy to cook, this dish is bound to be a hit among all ages.

17 NOVEMBER 2022

Travel COMO_Listing.png


Unwind At These Relaxing COMO Getaways

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Seize the opportunity to unwind at these exclusive COMO getaways, where relaxation and rejuvenation are at the core of each stay.

16 NOVEMBER 2022



How Does a Business Retain Its Clients? Let 25Hours Help

An exclusive invitation-only lifestyle programme, 25Hours’ mantra is to help members live more, do more and be more. This applies not only to individuals, but also to your business and clients. After all, nothing spells trust more than empowering your clients.

11 NOVEMBER 2022

November Partners_Listing.png


Say Hello to Our New November Partners 

Entering November can only mean one thing – the year is nearing the end. While good things must always come to an end, we are nowhere near done. We are still ensuring we bring our members a fresh list of partners to explore, be it new eating spots or new activities to do.

10 OCTOBER 2022



I Need Help: 
A Business Revival

Starting a business is easy but staying afloat is key. Taking the competitive market into consideration, it is more crucial than ever to stay one step ahead. Increasing customer loyalty means you’re increasing your customer retention, which will in turn see an increase in sales for you. 

8 OCTOBER 2022

October Partners_Listing.png


A Fun-filled October With Our New Partners

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, 25Hours is here to ensure that we still provide you offerings that will save you precious time. Take your pick from a range of unique experiences for the creative or the adventurous, including short getaways locally and abroad. 




Inaugural Invite-only Robb Report Golf Masters 2022 Event

Networking on another level ─

The invite-only event was held on 20 July 2022 at the Laguna National Golf Resort Club with over a hundred golfers from different walks of life, which included business owners, CEOs and top-level executives.


Image_34 (1).jpg


Partner's Review: Mimi Restaurant

Located in a 150-year-old conserved Chinese mansion, Mimi is housed on the upper floor of The Riverhouse in Clarke Quay. Helmed by award-winning lifestyle and F&B company, 1-Group, this Chinese restaurant oozes an oriental charm with a modern twist in its dishes.


September Partners_Listing.png


Let’s greet our new September partners 

September is a month where many countries (that doesn’t include Singapore) are in the midst of a change in season. In good 25Hours fashion, we are also seeing changes this month, with new partners coming on board to serve our members. Expect dining spots with stunning views and activities that let you learn a new skill. Let’s delve in to find out who are our new partners are for the month.

26 AUGUST 2022



Partner's Review: Teppan Works

Experience the intricate culinary traditions of Japanese teppanyaki dining along the streets of Tanjong Pagar with our new wine & dine partner, Teppan Works. With its name derived from the Japanese word for “iron plate”, you can expect piping hot 

15 AUG 2022



A Community Within a Community

Here at 25Hours, we pride ourselves in having an inclusive community, with multiple communities having found comfort in joining our big family. Built around collective values, shared practices and thoughtful live events, our private lifestyle programme empowers members to network, grow, play and make an impact. A community within a community. That’s exactly what Supercars of Singapore (SOS) did.

12 AUG 2022

August Partners_Listing.png


August – A lovely month with our lovely new partners 

Need some inspiration for new places to visit and try this month? With more partners on board, get ready to explore interesting dining spots. Whether it is for a party for two or ten, there is a place for everyone. A bar that works as a working space and fresh flowers for the ones who deserve them, find out more about our partners for the month.

11 AUG 2022



Partner's Review: BAM!

Nestled along Tras Street is BAM!, a restaurant featured in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore. They are Singapore’s first gastro establishment to pay tribute to “Modern Shudo” – the contemporary way of sake enjoyment.

4 AUG 2022

Sake Grape Bundle listing.jpg


Celebrate National Day with Our August Promotions

Whether you’re watching the fireworks from home with loved ones, or enjoying a picnic planned with family outdoors, make it extra special with our featured Sake of August. Pair it with the best Grapes of the season, which are bursting with flavours like fireworks in the sky.

27 JULY 2022



A Journey of Herbs & Senses with Chef Shen

Food is so much more than simply orchestrating a few ingredients together to make something that looks appealing and tastes exceptional. It’s an entire sensory experience, a multi-modal perception, including taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. There is a huge debate about what our tongues can actually sense. We all know about the old saying of a ‘tongue map’ but it’s really the other four senses that put in the work.

22 JULY 2022

Rum Appreciation Masterclass_Listing.png


Rum Appreciation Masterclass

Sailing through the second edition of the Taste the World Series with a Rum Appreciation Masterclass, our members got to ‘Limin’ (hang out – a term used in the Caribbean) with us in this three-day masterclass featuring specially curated rums. These were paired with Caribbean Tapas by Lime House, an authentic Caribbean Restaurant & Bar.

11 JULY 2022

Networking in Style_Listing.png


Networking in Style Event

Let businesses speak for themselves through every piece of clothing you put on; fashion gives us the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all. But how do we keep up with new trends while staying relevant? It’s simple: by learning about the science of style.

8 JULY 2022

July Partners_Listing.png


Entering Second Half of 2022 With Our New Partners

With half of 2022 behind us already, are you starting to run out of ideas of where and what activities to do on date nights? This month, we’ve got a new list of dining partners that you can explore for a birthday celebration or date night, as well as stunning floral gift options for your loved one.

4 JULY 2022

Father's Day_Listing.png


Father’s Day Movie Premiere: Disney & PIXAR Lightyear 

Our members attended the premiere of the DISNEY & PIXAR LIGHTYEAR movie at Golden Village Gold Class® (Vivo City). Through this intimate bonding session with the family, we created fond memories and help strengthen family bonds for all our members this Father’s Day.

30 JUNE 2022

Mother's Appreciation Night_Listing.png


Mother's Appreciation Night: The Art of Terrarium Making

Not all superheroes wear capes and it is remarkable how our mothers can take on numerous roles in our lives. We showed appreciation for all the strong independent women with a short therapeutic terrarium-making workshop. 

25 JUNE 2022



Partner's Review: RÊVE 

Fans of Japanese and French cuisine can now enjoy the best of both worlds. Discover RÊVE, your new destination for an elegant and intimate meal. Enchant your palate with thoughtful culinary creations that combine traditional Japanese ingredients with French cuisine.

23 JUNE 2022



Switch to A Healthier Snack Option Today with the Seasonal Fruit Box

Congratulations on surviving the current pandemic COVID-19. Living in a post-pandemic world reminds us of the value of healthy living, apart from your daily gym routine or fitness activities.

13 JUNE 2022



Partner's Review: Arudio

Seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of work life? Immerse in the calmness of clay-making and connect with your creative self at ARUDIO.

10 JUNE 2022

June Partners_Listing.png


Summertime Goodness With Our Partners

In the blink of an eye, June has fast approached. That also means, a brand-new month has arrived at 25Hours, with partners and experiences lined up for you. Read on more to find out what exciting adventures we have for you this month.

6 JUNE 2022

Father's Day_Listing.png


Honouring the Important Paternal Figures in Our Lives

A father is someone who we can look up to no matter how tall, or how much, we grow. To show our appreciation for our everyday hero, explore exclusive deals and gift ideas from our participating partners.

25 MAY 2022

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 2.31.19 PM.png


25Hours: A Members-First Experience

At 25Hours, we take pride in placing our members' wants and needs above all.

18 MAY 2022

CWEB Listing Image Sakura v1 - 1200 x 900.png


Sakura Season

This Easter, we’re celebrating all things floral. Imported directly from Japan, our limited-edition Sakura items are a sight to behold. Here at 25Hours, we ensure that our products are highly selected items by industry standards and highly sought-after items that aren’t easily to come by.

13 MAY 2022

May Partners_Listing.png


Exciting Partners and Experiences Awaits You

April showers bring May flowers. After 2 years, restrictions have eased, bringing us closer to the normality before 2020 happened. With new restaurant partners and plenty of unique experiences in tow, what better way to celebrate this joyous news than to gather your family and friends to enjoy them with? Let’s find out more.

9 MAY 2022

unlock your access article_listing.jpg


Unlock Your Access

If you were given an extra hour each day, how would you spend it?


Would you be running errands...or would you rather do the things you love while the mundane tasks are settled for you?

23 APRIL 2022

Post Event Highlights_Easter_Content_01.jpg


Easter Family Fun Day Event

This Easter, we’re celebrating hope, love and joyful living with family and friends. Easter is traditionally celebrated as a joyous holiday, where you can build stronger bonds together with your loved ones. Hosted by Cordelia Daphne Low, the Easter Family Fun Day Event allowed members to enjoy various activities such as the Macaron Painting Contest with guest instructor Sara, games and more.

25 APRIL 2022



The Time has Arrived:
Let's Travel

With the travelling restrictions easing, you, like many others, might have started searching for flights to get out. However, with such a long travelling hiatus, you don’t know where to go. We decided to lend a helping hand by putting together a list of our travel partners to help you decide where to go after this two-year stint.

14 APRIL 2022



Lots to Celebrate: New Beginnings with New Partners

 Newly launched on 26 March 2022, 25Hours is ecstatic to introduce 10 partners offering exclusive privileges and experiences for all our members to enjoy.

12 APRIL 2022

listing image4.jpg


The Ultimate Invite-Only Membership

25Hours is a digital club that brings extraordinary experiences through a wide range of curated services and exclusive privileges. We empower individuals who value time; to live more, do more and be more. Let’s have a quick breakdown of who we are and what we have in-stored for our members.

09 APRIL 2022

listing image5.jpg


Unveiling 25Hours: The Newest Digital Club in Town

26 March 2022 marked an important milestone for 25Hours. After months of hard work and late nights, 25Hours was officially launched. To celebrate the launch, we hosted 2 launch events: a casual and relaxed setting for our partners and media at UNA at Alkaff Mansion and a lavish dinner for our VVIPs at St Regis’ Caroline’s Mansion.

29 MARCH 2022

listing image.jpg


Be a 25Hours Member: 
Revel in an Abundance 
of Privileges

Here at 25Hours, we believe Time is being present with the ones who matter. Allow us to lend a hand in curating unique experiences and personal services for you as you live your 24 hours a day to the fullest.

28 MARCH 2022

listing image.jpg


25Hours: Always Putting 
Our Members First

Here at 25Hours, our members make up the very essence of what we do. Everything we do, create and offer is shaped by your wants, needs and desires. We pride ourselves as an ever-evolving community shaped by our members. As our member, YOU have a say in the community’s direction…

26 MARCH 2022

listing image.jpg


Unveiling 25Hours: 
A One-of-Its-Kind 
Private Lifestyle Club

Singapore’s ultimate lifestyle program, 25Hours, unveils an invitation-only social club that empowers individuals who value time,  to live more, do more and be more. Through its hyper-personalised approach to memorable experiences and luxury privileges…

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