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Celebrate National Day with Our August Promotions

Whether you’re watching the fireworks from home with loved ones, or enjoying a picnic planned with family outdoors, make it extra special with our featured Sakes for this occasion. Pair it with the best grapes of the season, which are bursting with flavours like fireworks in the sky.

Our Featured Sakes

| Dassai 23 (720ml)

Limited production due to its popularity in Japan and around the world. The brewery in Japan will start producing smaller batches of Dassai 23, making it more sought after and difficult to get from now and in years to come. Sake is the best medicine to protect against viruses, especially during the Onbon (ghost festival) period. Full aroma of pineapple and crisp green apple. Dynamic, juicy textural body with layered umami and sweetness. Finish of passionfruit and precision.

“Benchmark, but modern Daiginjo; juicy, opulent aromas linger on the finish. A slightly sweeter style with flavours of banana with a good structure. Bold and in your face, so perfect as an aperitif.” - Gold, International Wine Challenge 2020.


The brewery donates JPY100 (around SGD1) per purchase of 1.8L bottle, JPY50 (around 50cents) per purchase of 720ml bottle, JPY20 (around 20cents) per purchase of 300ml bottle and JPY15 per purchase of 180ml bottle, to the healthcare frontlines fighting against COVID-19. For every Dassai 720ml sold on our eStore, our members are indirectly donating to this mission.

Recommended food pairing: dishes with seasonal vegetables, fish, cheese, chicken kiev, soya sauce-soaked mushrooms or tofu, dashi stock or miso-based dishes.

Best enjoyed chilled in a wine glass to better enjoy its elegant aroma.

Drinking temperature: chilled (4-5°C) or at room temperature.

| Kikuhime Kurogin Daiginjo 

More of an experience than a sake, this is one experience not to be missed if you love the legendary brewery that makes the killer Daiginjo called “BY.” Built to baffle and amaze sake drinkers who enjoy drier brews with incredible amounts of flavor. The nose on this aged sake is quite fresh with hints of cherry, honey, steamed rice, apple, wheat, and hay aromas. While restraining, only the liquor that naturally drips from the liquor bag is collected, and not stored in a tank. It is then carefully bottled one by one and laid in ideal condition for about three years.


Expect to taste wheat, honey, cereal, butterscotch, and nougat flavors that are upfront then gone with a dry & crisp finish. This sneaky sake loads so much flavor in a light and smooth fluid, only to have the weight vanish as the sake dries in the palate. If you really focus on its taste, you can find a unique vein of caramel. A super intelligent aged sake that is a wonder to behold.

Recommended food pairing: juicy meat, game, fowl, sashimi, and tempura.

| Matsumidori S. Tokyo Junmai Ginjo

The second oldest existing sake yeast, but it was a phantom yeast that had never been used in sake brewing in the past. Nakazawa Sake Brewery miraculously revived the yeast that had been sleeping for years and succeeded in commercialising it as sake. In honour of Dr. Nakazawa’s passion for yeast research and the phantom yeast, the name of the sake was changed to “Matsumidori Junmai Ginjo”. A fruity aroma like green apples and muscat grapes and an elegant, sweet taste. An acidity like that of white wine with a slight refreshing fizz, accompanying a smooth & velvety texture. Best served chilled.


Recommended food pairing: sashimi, sushi, chinese-style steamed fish and other mild flavoured fish dishes that will not overpower the sake.


| Houka Junmai Daiginjo Genshu

This high-grade Junmai Daiginjo of Houka has a beautifully fruity aroma, as well as a sharp and dry finish. The ideal sake for gifting purposes. A moderate and clean effect on the palette that doesn’t overkill any of the taste profiles. Enjoy the balance of sweetness, umami and sourness which makes it an exquisite sake with a light, but sharp and dry, finish. Keynote: lychee, best served chilled or room temperature.

Recommended food pairing: non-spicy foods, white fish or food with
lighter, elegant flavours.

| Mimurosugi Grazie a dio Namasake

“Mimurosugi” is a sake that has been brewed for over 350 years in Miwa, Nara. The sake is brewed with 100% Omachi rice, as well as underground water from the sacred body “Mt. Miwa” that springs from the well in the brewery. It boasts a fresh ginjo fragrance that is akin to Ramune. It also has a powerful fruitiness that is juicy and loaded with umami, imparted by the Omachi rice, which finally converges cleanly with an acidic profile.


This is a release that is inspired by gratitude; for the everyday life that we take for granted, for being able to continue making sake, and for all the sake drinkers. It is named Mimurosugi Grazie a dio, which means ‘Thank God’ in Italian. Remember Grazie!


Recommended food pairing: japanese and western cusines.

| Setoichi Iza Junmai Ginjo

A Junmai Ginjo Sake with gentle gorgeousness and beauty that makes you feel calm and clear with its honeydew taste. It is a light and smooth sake made with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice that is polished to 55%, lending it a fruity aroma with notes of apple and lychee.


The sake was a gold medalist at the 2020 Kura Master competition, and a two-time silver winner at the International Wine Challenge in 2019 and 2020.

Recommended food pairing: caponata, butter chicken curry, french fries.

What makes the Seasonal Japanese Grapes Special?

| Shine Muscat
Japanese muscat grapes are often presented in expensive fruit boxes and make delightful gifts for colleagues, friends and relatives. They have health benefits that help to boost immunity while preventing fatigue, cure asthmas & migraines, lower risks of kidney diseases, improve brain function, prevent breast cancer, strengthen bones, and provide relief from constipation.


Japanese muscat grapes are bred to be large and very sweet, with an emerald green colour and shiny appearance. Relish the heavenly flavour of the shine muscat that sets itself apart from ordinary grapes. Take a crunchy bite and refreshing grape juice will trickle down your throat, filling your mouth with a fragrant aroma.

Kyoho Grapes
Kyoho, literally meaning “giant mountain”, are large grapes grown in Japan. Their deep purple outer skin almost feels like velvet, giving them a luxurious appearance. A lavish gift for housewarmings or as a decorative topping for your favourite dessert while maintaining low cholesterol levels.


A slip-skin grape that allows you to smoothly separate its skin from the flesh. Incredibly juicy superior-grade grapes picked for their perfect balance of shape, sweetness, sourness and size, yet with low acidity.

| Pione Grapes
Hailed as the queen of grapes, pione grapes carry an exquisite and intense fragrance. A cross between the kyoho and muscat, these hybrid grapes are generally larger than normal grapes. Also known as black pearls, the top-grade fruit comes with velvety-violet skin and a jelly-like texture. Pop these seedless gems into your mouth and indulge in the burst of fragrant wine flavour and well-balanced sweetness.

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