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A Fun-filled October With Our Partners

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, 25Hours is here to ensure that we still provide you offerings that will save you precious time. Take your pick from a range of unique experiences for the creative or the adventurous, including short getaways locally and abroad. 

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With 6 new offerings featured this month, come explore with us our new partners that are here to help give your time more life.


1. Full Circle

Full Circle serves progressive Asian cuisine dishes that have nostalgic yet original flavours. Conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away from Redhill MRT, this semi-fine dining restaurant is a good casual dinner date option.


2. AIBI Maxwell

A new wellness playground located in Tanjong Pagar, AIBI Maxwell is an ultimate lifestyle destination with customisable programmes to help one get the most out of life. The facility aims to better improve life through its various concepts, from fitness to nutrition.


3. The Warehouse Hotel

Need a quick break from life to recharge for a new week? Soak in the views of Robertson Quay with a weekend stay at The Warehouse Hotel. With its sleek and minimalistic interior, the hotel makes for a comfortable and relaxing home away from home.


4. Advance Aviation Phuket

Enjoy Patong’s vibrant life from a bird’s eye view on a helicopter. With Advance Aviation, fly over the city’s sandy beaches and popular tourist spots like the Holy Big Buddha against a stunning mountainous backdrop.


5. SALTT - Charcuterie Board

The perfect hands-on activity for curious little ones to explore and learn through play, Saltt creates woodworking workshops that are child-friendly. This project will see the transformation of the African Mahogany wood to a gorgeous charcuterie board.   


6. Discover Asia 3D2N

Hop on a plane for a short getaway to one of Belmond’s 5 oasis in Southeast Asia. Be surrounded by luscious greenery and majestic mountains or stunning ocean views and pristine beaches, allowing your mind and body to get the rest they need from the busy world. 

Come find out more today. 

It's about Time. 

For Partnership & Membership enquiries, please contact
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Tel: 65357704


About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the
traditional four walls, 25Hours is the digital complement to your existing physical club memberships. Our private lifestyle programme empowers members to NETWORK, GROW, PLAY and MAKE AN IMPACT.


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