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Partner's Review: Lime House

Transport yourself to the Caribbean with food and rum from Lime House, a heritage shophouse located at Chinatown’s Keong Saik belt. You’ll never miss the lime green exterior of this quaint little restaurant situated in the corner.

Soak up the “liming” vibe as you hang out with friends and dig into authentic Caribbean cuisine ─ something less familiar here in Singapore. The restaurant’s cosy resort-like interior and music give the place an extra tropical oomph. They are also rumoured to have one of the biggest rum bar in Southeast Asia.


To ensure that we only bring in the best, we invited our member Adelia Mikaela to test and verify the menu.


1. How was your experience? 

Ms Adelia: I had an amazing time. Each dish served was a real treat, from the Spicy Shrimp to the Jerk Chicken to my favourite Signature Banana Cake. Each dish was served with a short explanation. The Lime House Punch was a definite stand-out with its lovely alcoholic concoction. 

2. What is the one main product/experience that stood out?

Ms Adelia: Having the largest rum collection in Singapore, Lime House stands out with its rum cocktails that tastes superb.

3. Would you recommend dining in at Lime House?

Ms Adelia: Yes. There are not many Caribbean food choices here in Singapore. I would bring family and friends here to have that experience without travelling far out. For someone who has never tasted any Caribbean food prior, I was genuinely surprised by how good the dishes and rum cocktail tasted (I'm more of a gin person).

4. Any feedback for improvement?

Ms Adelia: If Lime House could create a special 25Hours-only rum cocktail, I think it would be a big hit.

Ms Adelia was served a 25Hours members-only complimentary drink, LIME HOUSE PUNCH ($18), a refreshing sorrelade made from dark rum, sorrel, spices, honey and lime. This was followed by two main dishes: SPICY SHRIMP ($20), fresh sea shrimp pan-seared with habanero and topped with warm salsa on plantain coracle; and SIGNATURE JERK BBQ CHICKEN ($28), homemade jerk BBQ chicken thigh served with sweet potato mash and pineapple salad. Finishing it off was the must-try SIGNATURE BANANA CAKE ($14) – warm banana cake topped with caramel, honey and fig cream.

Being one of the only few Caribbean restaurants in Singapore, Lime House is an ardent advocate of the dishes it presents to its customers. We had the privilege to speak to their chef who gave us some insights.

With 33 years of culinary experience under his belt, Chef Andy Tan loves Caribbean food because of its many influences from dishes all over the world. “Often, the dishes are the results of hardships experienced by the Caribbean people, so there is a lot of love and history on the plate,” said Chef Andy. Behind his stern demeanour, Chef Andy has a soft spot for his loved ones. He created the signature Fish Taco dish to commemorate his friendship with a chef he once worked with in Barbados.


Restaurant manager, Lina Kotelnikova, holds the fort at Lime House. From service to the kitchen, Ms Lina is passionate about ensuring that you get the best Caribbean experience. Try to catch her when you’re there! Coming from a fine dining background, she had to switch gears before hopping on the Caribbean ship. “Lime House is different, more chill and casual,” said Ms Kotelnikova. Her leadership skills help the ship sail as a family to ensure the full 360-degree Caribbean experience for their customers.

*Insider tip: Let the house know you want to pair your meal with a glass of rum-based cocktail.

“We are always happy to give recommendations on drinks because we have one of the biggest rum bar in Southeast Asia.”- Lina Kotelnikova


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