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Sake Star series: The Art of Savouring

Oh, for goodness sake! On 8th, 9th and 10th November, we gathered our members for ‘Sake Star series: The Art of Savouring’,

an intimate event that’s part of our Masterclass series.


Held at AIBI Maxwell, a holistic wellness facility, members were ushered into a calming room decked out in soothing neutral tones. Coinciding with Japan Cultural Day, the decor included a traditional Shoji door, as well as a Japanese quote that translated to ‘life is fleeting’.


Each member was given the option to choose between standing or sitting room; those who chose the latter sat Agura-style (cross-legged) on tatami cushions.


The host of the night was Clement Lim, Principal Consultant from The Beverage Clique, who brought our members through the sensorial experience in an engaging and humorous manner.


Each member was given four sakes to taste complete with various Japanese snacks to pair with each. 

  1. Tenon Suzumidono

  2. Naraman Namachozou, Junmai

  3. Dassai 23 Junmai Daignijo

  4. Aki Tonbo Yamadanishiki Kimoto Junmai Sake 


The core aim was to learn how to differentiate between So-Shu, Kun-Shu, Juku-shu, and Jun-Shu. Our members received tips on how to scrutinise the sake’s colour, and how to discern various fragrances on the nose. The sakes were refreshing and light on the palate; not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before many members were calling for additional refills.


After each tasting, Clement opened the floor to questions. Interesting ones included which sakes are better had chilled or warmed, at which temperature are sakes best stored, and more. All featured sakes were available exclusively for purchase at zero markup from our members-only eStore.


The session ended with a networking session, where members continued sampling the various sakes, and indulged in delightful banter with the community.


To all our attendees: we hope you had a wonderful time savouring sake with us and we look forward to hosting you again.


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