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Sakura Season

This Easter, we’re celebrating all things floral. Imported directly from Japan, our limited-edition Sakura items are a sight to behold. Here at 25Hours, we ensure that our products are highly selected items by industry standards and highly sought-after items that aren’t easily to come by.


We bring the exclusivity and convenience to our precious members, saving their time for more experiences with us. Unveiling our specially curated sets from A-H for you to enjoy while stocks last.

Sakura Set A

Sakura Newsletter, Sakura Kintsuba, Sakura Soba, Sakura Rose Wine and Sakura Emaki Junmai.

This spring, enjoy all our Sakura items or create the perfect Easter gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Create unique sakura recipes with our Sakura sets and impress guests at your Easter parties.

Sakura Set B

Sakura Newsletter, Sakura Kintsuba, Sakura Soba, and Sakura Purse

Surprise your Easter party host with this gift set and its limited-edition sakura purse that showcases authentic Japanese flair and intricate designs with detailed patterns that certify an exclusive imported item.

Sakura Set C

Cherry Blossom pack, and Sakura Rose wine.

A must-have for every Sakura season in spring. It really isn’t Sakura season without these imported Cherry Blossom (Sakura) jellies and puddings that are hard to come by  due to their limited quantities in Japan.

Sakura Set D

Sakura Newsletter, Sakura Kintsuba and Seiun Special Junmai Sakura

A classic snack that usually has a red bean flavour, Sakura kintsuba refers to firm-pressed jellied bean pastes with a light flour dusting. They’re chewy and soft, although slightly heavier than most of the classic Japanese sweets. This snack makes an ideal hiking treat for clocking in your steps.

Sakura Set E

Sakura Soba and Seiun Special Junmai Sakura

Sakura soba, a perfect delicacy of Spring. The powder of cherry leaves is kneaded into the white buckwheat powder of Sarashina. Expect a prominent scent of cherry blossoms with a chewy "koshi" texture for a full soba experience. The soba boxes come with a holder for holding business cards, service tickets, etc. for greetings that change yearly.

The Seiun Special Junmai Sakura is a unique sake that’s brewed with Salmon Musashi, which is a type of rice that originates from Saitama prefecture. Boasting a sweet and refreshing taste, the sake has a polishing rate of 60%, as well as a SMV of 0. Brewed with Sakura Flower Yeast, the sakura has a subtle fragrance of cherry blossoms.

Sakura Set F

Cherry Blossom Pack and Sakura Kintsuba.

Cherry Blossom Pack is currently unavailable in Japan. Thankfully, with 25Hrs, members can still get their hands on this limited-edition raindrop-shaped cherry blossom jelly and pudding pack. Each breathtaking dessert contains a naturally blooming cherry blossom, preserved at its most beautiful moment.

Sakura Set G

Sakura Newsletter and Sakura Soba

The Sakura Newsletter which is currently out of stock worldwide is still available for purchase at 25Hours. This newsletter contains two sakura kuzumochi, one sakura pudding and one sakura jelly.

Sakura Set H


Sakura 29 is the fruit of the collaborative efforts between Haru, and the artisans of the Takenoi brewery. It is an ultra-premium sake brewed to Haru’s custom specifications with the finest rice, water, and technique available in Japan.

A 1000-bottle limited Junmai Daiginjo brew, Sakura 29 is only available through Haru and 25Hours.



About 25Hours

25Hours is a private digital club that brings you extraordinary experiences each and every day through a curated range of services and exclusive privileges. We empower our members to efficiently find a personalised stream of entertainment they love, giving them a platform to broaden their tastes.

Built for individuals who value a boundless experience beyond the
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25Hours is an invitation-only lifestyle programme that allows individuals who value time to live more, do more and be more. We strive to provide extraordinary experiences for members who seek the essence of elegance in life — from gastronomic satisfaction, pampering of the mind & body, retail indulgence, to the intimate moments of cultural discovery.

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Set A

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CWEB Sakura Set B - 1200 x 720.png

Set B

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CWEB Sakura Set C - 1200 x 720.png

Set C

CWEB Sakura Set D - 1200 x 720.png

Set D

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CWEB Sakura Set E - 1200 x 720.png

Set E

CWEB Sakura Set F - 1200 x 720.png

Set F

CWEB Sakura Set G - 1200 x 720.png

Set G

CWEB Sakura Set H - 1200 x 720.png

Set H

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