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Seasonal Fruit Box

Don’t make healthy living a hassle, all you need for a balanced diet is a healthy box of the freshest fruits. Luxury fruits are an emblematic feature of Japan, renowned for producing some of the finest fruits on earth. Perfect as gifts for housewarming, business meetings or simply a close-knit gathering with family and friends.


Stock up fridges, office pantries, F&B outlets and more with a variety of carefully selected premium fruits imported directly from Japan. Make them a family mealtime staple after every course, or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up snack. Do note that all fruits are seasonal items and might change according to the seasons.

What’s inside the box?

| Shizuoka Crown Melon
In Japan, melons are not only cultivated to be superbly aromatic and tasty but are also treated as a luxury gift item. With high standards required for their selection, Shizuoka Crown melons are laboriously cultivated to be blemish-free and to be of the perfect shape. Great source of Vitamin-C, A, Calcium and Iron. Reduces the risk of cancer, smoothens the digestive system, controls blood pressure and is very rich in antioxidants.

Best way to eat it: Upon receiving the melon, store it at room temperature. Chill the melon an hour before consumption.

| Kiyo Plum (Yamanashi)
Japan's premium Yamanashi Kiyo plum (贵阳) comes in large sizes and an amazingly high juice content. The flesh is so intensely sweet, moist and juicy, making it such a gastronomic experience even for non-plum lovers. Great Source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K, iron, magnesium, Zinc, calcium and copper.

Rich in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular diseases, eliminates stress and fatigue, boosts bone health and protects against muscular degeneration.

Best way to eat it: Peel off the skin before eating.

| Fuji Apple
Improve your neurological health by feeding your brain nutrients that prevent dementia and risks of stroke. Fuji apples are basked in sunlight resulting in them having a perfect balance of sweetness and a rich taste.

Best way to eat it: Savour them withing an hour of slicing. Add a pinch of Himalayan salt for extra 'oomph'.


| Orin Apple
The "King of Apples", a hybrid of 'Golden Delicious' and the 'Indo' apple with hinted flavors of pineapple and pear. It's extremely sweet and juicy with an aromatic fragrance.
 Great source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, calcium and iron. Improve neurological health, prevent breast cancer and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Best way to eat it: Savour them within an hour of slicing.

| Dekopon (Kumamoto) Orange
The seedless hybrid of a Kiyomi and Ponkan orange was developed in Japan in 1972. Dekopon is known to be one of the Kings of Japanese citrus fruits due to its sweetness and juice that is rich in nutrients. Each batch is optically screened for optimum balance of sweet ness and sourness with 13% sugar content and only 1% acidity. Only oranges that meet this requirement are allowed to be labeled as Kumamoto Dekopon.

Best way to eat it: Savour them within an hour after peeling.


Our Seasonal Fruit Boxes are specially curated by the dealers that are nominated as judges for their region of produce and only the best produce will be submitted to the Toyosu Market for distribution of goods. Toyosu Market is renowned for being the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market. This is due to its wide variety, high volume of production and their system of professional staff, who specialise in specific areas of produce to ensure the finest and best quality.


They are also famously known for the Live Tuna Auction. For more than 80 years, they have played a critical role in supplying food to the tables of restaurants and hotels in Tokyo.


Operated by a professional ranking system, the system of professional staff specialises in specific areas of produce to ensure the finest and best quality.


The most professional rank is the “⽬利き (Mekiki ; Connoisseur, judge)“ linked to the ranking of “仲卸 (Naka-oroshi ; dealer). As they do not rely on brands or locations to assess the quality, they make their judgement based on their experience with weather conditions, water conditions, freshness, sweetness, beauty (shape, color), taste and more.


In other words, the Toyosu Market operates on a B2B (Business to Business) basis and does not provide directly to consumers. Most of the items with top-notch quality and standard are usually sent to luxury hotels, Michelin restaurants and sushi bars.


25Hours bridges that gap by ensuring accessibility to our members, freshly flown and delivered right to your doorstep.





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